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Our buyers tirelessly select our quality products for you at national and international shopping fairs. You benefit from the resulting huge selection with our wide range.

We realize your wishes and ideas with a 3D planning program. And we are even happy to provide you with advice and assistance regarding the individual care and cleaning of your materials. In addition, our partner company with experienced employees carries out maintenance and cleaning work for all floor coverings nationwide.

Our range for you at a glance:

  • Wall and floor coverings, worktops, stairs

  • Terrace tiles

  • Tiles, natural stones, terracotta, antique coverings, spatula technique

  • Wood coverings, parquet, vinyl, laminate, rigid boards, mineral floors

  • Sanitary facilities



Every beginning is difficult


In 1928, Alois Falk began trading in coal and briquettes, which he delivered using an ox team borrowed from a neighboring farmer. In Hundsbach, 20 km away, wood was cut and processed into coal, firewood and building materials. A little later, Alois Falk expanded the range to include building materials and created his company's first slogan: “Cement and lime – everything from Alois Falk”.

In the same year his wife Katharina gave birth to his successor Ludwig. He officially joined the business at the age of 19 and, against his father's wishes, bought a solid Saurer D330N, the Falk company's first truck. It was a first step in modernization. In Ottersweier and the new branch in Scherzheim, some of the goods continued to be delivered with ox carts - but now also with the newly purchased truck.


Expansion of the portfolio

The Falk company also benefited from the economic boom of the 1950s and, in addition to coal, heating oil and wood, primarily expanded the building materials sector. Cement went well, and now tiles were increasingly added to the program. In the first half of the decade, the Falks' first tile presentation was shown in the homestead warehouse next to the train station.

The internal logistics were initially primarily determined by muscle power. When deliveries were made, the office staff was called in to unload them and a queue was formed from the railway carriages to the warehouse. But here too, technical progress soon came in the form of a railway siding.


It runs…


In 1962, Ludwig and Charlotte Falk laid the foundation stone for the new company building with production halls for building materials. At the same time, initial contacts in Italy brought a lot of momentum to the tile business, both in terms of attractive prices and the variety in shape, color and design. This is how the import of tiles from southern Europe began.

The newly built tile exhibition in the administration building, which at the time had an area of 150 square meters, was well received and brought increasing sales. Ludwig Falk took this as an opportunity to further expand the portfolio and was one of the first in the industry to begin importing tiles from Italy. With the company “Falk Marmorwerk &” founded in 1979 Staircase construction” was followed by the import of marble and natural stones of all kinds, which were refined in our own production hall.


The House of 1000 Tiles

At the beginning of the 80s, Ludwig and Charlotte's sons joined the company step by step. In the same decade, growing competition in the building materials sector and large hardware store chains caused the family business to withdraw from the building materials trade. From now on the focus was on tiles and natural stones. In order to distinguish itself as an industry specialist, the warehouses were gradually converted into attractive exhibition rooms.


And finally, the new concept received its unmistakable slogan with “The House of 1000 Tiles”.


The fourth generation


Due to the ever increasing market concentration, Falk decided to form a purchasing cooperation and founded “Keramik Orion” with three other tile dealers. In 1994, Michael followed in Ludwig's footsteps and has since led the company as managing director. In order to be able to present customers with the well-known, tried-and-tested product depth and range size, it was decided to close all branches at the end of the decade and, in return, to expand the exhibition space in Ottersweier to over 3,000 square meters and also open a garden exhibition with 2,000 square meters.

The fourth generation, Timo and Denis Falk, have joined the company. Since 2020, the two brothers have been continuing the company's tradition of over 90 years in the role of management, together with Michael Falk. In order to remain future-proof as a family business, the exhibition, which now covers 5,000 square meters, is constantly being modernized and supplemented with new products and trends.



Our consultants will help you realize your ideas. Together we will develop the best solution for your wishes, tailored to all structural features. 

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