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Versatile and flexible

Tiles are the oldest design tool in house building. People have always covered their houses with tiles, mosaics or stones. Thanks to ever better machines, adhesives and laying techniques, the variety of tiles in shape and color also increased. Tiles are robust, easy to clean and water and steam resistant.

Areas of application:

  • Kitchens

  • Hallways

  • Living room

  • Terraces

  • winter gardens

  • Commercial premises and much more

Whether as wall or floor coverings or terrace coverings, the variety of colors, patterns and sizes make the tiles from Ottersweier a unique combination artist.


Not all tiles are the same

Ceramic tiles are made from the raw material clay. Clay consists of different ingredients that also influence the color when it is later fired (shards). Quartz, kaolin or feldspar (minerals) are often added to the raw material.

When it comes to ceramic tiles, a distinction is made between:

  • Earthenware tiles

  • Stoneware tiles 

  • Porcelain tiles


Earthenware tiles are fired at approx. 1100°C. Stoneware is very easy to work with and is ideal for decorating surfaces. However, stoneware tiles are not frost-resistant and are therefore used indoors (e.g. as wall coverings). Tiles are decorated either with colored glazes or in a process similar to screen printing.


Stoneware tiles are fired at 1180° - 1300°C. They are characterized by a higher density and lower water absorption. They are frost-resistant and can also be used on terraces. Stoneware tiles are also used in commercial spaces, industry and public spaces.


Porcelain tiles consist of an extremely fine mineral powder with a high proportion of quartz and feldspar (minerals), which are dry-pressed under high pressure. Porcelain stoneware tiles have the lowest water absorption (less than 2%). The firing temperature is approx. 1,250 °C to 1,300 °C. The very tight connection ensures low wear and good chemical resistance. They are available unglazed, glazed or polished. Porcelain stoneware tiles can be used in a variety of ways due to their excellent physical properties.

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