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Rigid boards

So beautiful, so easy to care for and so sturdy! There is a huge selection of laminate, vinyl floors and rigid boards in the “House of 1000 Tiles”.

Great selection of deceptively real imitations:

  • Wood floor styles

  • Stone slab or tile look

  • Vintage look

  • , slate style 

With LaminateMany still associate uncomfortable floor coverings, even though it is the perfect combination of design and performance and is surprisingly budget-friendly! It stands for particularly efficient moisture protection, micro-scratch resistance, antistatic and is also

ideal for underfloor heating.

vinyl-Flooring is incredibly easy to install. Anyone can do this, regardless of whether they are doing this work for the first time or every day. Do you prefer a traditional, elegant, cozy or creative design? A sustainable floor that everyone loves - including our planet, because the floorboards are 100% recyclable!

Rigid boards Thanks to a patented composition of the unique foam structure, guarantee high stability and rigidity, even at changing temperatures. This allows installation on almost all subfloors either without or with minimal preparation. The core is up to 30% lighter, but is still very soundproof and waterproof. The environment also benefits from the technology: material consumption falls by 30%, and the covering can be 100% recycled at the end of its life.

Please let us advise you in detail!

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