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Wooden coverings

Rustic country house floorboards or elegant parquet, light and soaped pine wood or dark smoked oak - the design options with wooden floor coverings are diverse. What they all have in common is the warm effect of the natural material, and floors made of solid wood are particularly durable.

The following types of wooden floors are distinguished:

  • parquet

  • Country house floorboards

  • Wooden paving


Joints are a natural part of a wooden floor and should be included in the planning. A seamless parquet would only be possible if the indoor air conditions remained constant.

Wooden floors are easy to care for and durable, but are sometimes sensitive to mechanical stress. If the signs of wear on the top layer are too obvious, the floor can be sanded down and resealed if necessary.

Wooden paving is particularly durable and resilient and is even suitable for highly frequented commercial and industrial areas. They consist of many small, angular wooden blocks that are added together to form a patch so that the surface is made of end grain. The durability of parquet floors depends on the type of wood and how it is processed; upright slats or industrial parquet are particularly resistant. With floorboards, the stress is less noticeable due to their rather coarse texture and surface. They are easy to clean, but usually produce increased impact noise. In addition to the type of wood, the surface treatment is also crucial for the properties of a wooden floor.

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