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Terracotta tiles or cotto slabs

The word "Cotto" comes from Italian and means "fired" and terracotta means "fired earth". While the term terracotta is generally used for fired, unglazed clay objects such as vessels, sculptures and architectural ceramics, cotto refers to a very specific raw material that is only obtained from the area near the Italian town of Impruneta. The terracotta slabs, on the other hand, are mostly orange - reddish - brownish, mostly come from Spain or Mexico and are often handmade.

In their natural form, cotto slabs are breathable, warm to the feet, pleasantly break up sound and regulate the room humidity naturally due to their high proportion of fireclay. Due to their high porosity, the panels are very sensitive to stains when untreated and it is recommended that the surface be sealed. Such seals are either already applied at the factory or can be applied in the form of special waxes after installation and cleaning.

The main feature of cotto tiles is their natural appearance. They are mostly used indoors as floor or stair coverings and bring a Mediterranean charm to every house.

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