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CNC Router,  3D Printer, and CNC Lathe, it is capable of generating fully parametric files and running multi-pass CNCs. 1. **File Sorting** – Sort generated files by name or automatically sort files by file type, material and process, or process. 1. **Unused Material and Process** – Unused processes are those that have not been used to create parts on the CNC machine. Unused materials are those that have not been used to create parts on the CNC machine. Both can be sorted by name or automatically by weight or by ratio, batch size, and process date. 2. **Weight** – All components can be automatically sorted by weight. Sorted by weight in ascending order, the lowest weights are the first to be printed. 3. **Batch Size** – Generate the most part using the batch size you have specified. Batch size is calculated by multiplying the number of parts you want per batch with the size of the part. For example, if you want to print 50 parts, set the batch size to 50 x 1.5 mm. 4. **Process Date** – Sort by process date. Sorted by process date in descending order, the oldest processes are the first to be printed. 2. **Filters** – Set any of the following filters to apply to the generated files. 1. **Material** – Filters generated parts by material type. 2. **Process** – Filters generated parts by process. 3. **Process Date** – Filters generated parts by process date. 4. **Width** – Filters generated parts by maximum diameter in the layer. 3. **Part Properties** – View generated part properties as a tabbed interface. The tabbed interface gives you access to multiple properties such as geometry, material, origin, color, process, attributes, and count. Properties can be viewed separately or in an aggregate. You can sort properties by name or automatically by batch, batch size, type, process date, or material. 4. **Enable/Disable** – Enable or disable the generation of each individual property or the generation of an aggregate of all properties. 5. **Sorting Options** – Set sorting options for the




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