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social commitment

We at Falk, The House of 1000 Tiles, firmly believe in social responsibility and commitment to the community. We are actively committed to making a positive contribution and supporting those who need help.


Our social commitment extends across various initiatives and events where we use our resources and commitment to do good. We firmly believe that collective action and solidarity are the cornerstones of bringing about positive change in our society.

We are happy to be part of a community that works for the well-being of others and puts our values into action.


“Cold Waters helps Children”

Donation to the support association for children with cancer in Freiburg

​This joint action shows how much voluntary commitment and solidarity can help and support. The “Cold Waters helps Children” fundraising collection, in which the Tile Falk company in Ottersweier is also involved, once again raised a large amount this year, which will benefit the support association for children with cancer in Freiburg.

With pride and joy, the managing directors Michael, Timo and Denis Falk drove to Freiburg to present a donation check for 6,500 euros to the representative of the support association, Heide Serra. “Our association has set itself the goal of doing everything possible to help children with cancer and their families. Since the association was founded forty years ago, all the donations we have received have flowed into our parents' house and our association projects," explained Heide Serra at the reception for the Falk company's management. And yes, donations of this amount are rare, according to the club representative. “The campaign by Falk and ‘Cold Waters helps Children’ supports us greatly.”

“We have been able to donate a total of 14,500 euros over the past three years. We are very happy and grateful to everyone involved, because what is being done here in the support association for affected families is absolutely worth supporting, especially since the association is financed one hundred percent through donations,” said Denis Falk when handing over the check.

“Cold Waters helps Children” is an idea that arose from the New Year’s swim in the Erlenparksee in Rheinau-Linx. Initiator Hans-Dieter Rahner from Gengenbach, who started the New Year's swim for a social purpose in 1988, and his team thought about a new project during Corona times, the "Cold Waters helps Children" project. Instead of meeting at the bathing lake for a cold start like every year, this campaign, born out of necessity in 2021, called for people to go swimming themselves. Since then, everyone can choose the venue themselves and take part for a donation between the beginning of December and January 31st.

The connection between “Cold Waters helps Children” and the Falk company was made by a loyal New Year’s swimmer. Thomas Muckenhirn, authorized representative of the Falk company, is one of the co-founders of the fundraising campaign. “We definitely wanted to continue the idea of New Year’s swimming despite Corona. Now everyone is invited to individually step into the icy water wherever they can, even if just to get their big toe wet. This year we were able to get 354 people from all over Germany to take part again,” explains Thomas Muckenhirn. In the last three years, the fundraising campaign has already brought in an impressive 71,000 euros for the support association.

The Falk management was quickly persuaded to take part, as the Falks have been active in many fundraising campaigns for years. “We have advertised this to employees, but also to suppliers and customers, and we are really pleased that so many people have taken part,” explains Denis Falk and is particularly happy for the families with seriously ill children, who will benefit 100 percent of the money .

Our support
The life support

Together for a better future

​We at Falk Tiles believe in the power of community spirit and the responsibility we have as a company to strengthen our community. We therefore continually support Lebenshilfe in the Baden-Baden, Bühl and Achern region with financial donations. Our donations are a recognition of the important work that Lebenshilfe does to support people with special needs and promote their integration into society. We are proud to contribute to a better future for our region and to put the values of compassion and solidarity into action.


the Pallium e.V.

Together for support in difficult times

We share the belief that as a company we have a responsibility to support our community in times of need. We are therefore actively involved in Palium e.V., an organization that supports people and families in difficult times.

Palium e.V. offers comprehensive support in the areas of palliative care, hospice care, grief support and much more. Their dedicated teams, including doctors, nurses and counselors, do valuable work for those facing serious illness, dying, death and grief.

Our financial support helps ensure that Palium e.V. can continue its vital work. We are proud to be part of this partnership and to contribute to helping people in difficult phases of life.

Together, we are committed to putting compassion and solidarity into action and creating a better future for our community.

Charity event

“Support for Children with Cancer Freiburg e.V.”

In August, Falk, The House of 1000 Tiles and the Hagen Dance School from Rheinau organized a charity event in Ottersweier to benefit the Freiburg Support Association for Children with Cancer. From 5 p.m., visitors were able to dance both open air and in the Tile Falk exhibition rooms. Admission to the event was free and the enthusiasm of visitors to eat and drink for a good cause was huge. 
At the end of the event, €3,000 was raised, which the organizer Falk can pass on to the Friends of Children with Cancer Freiburg e.V.
A big thank you also to the sponsors:
Food and drink from Tiles Falk, all helpers from the Hagen dance school, lighting technology from KühnMedia for the baked goods from Peter's Gute Backstube, H2 Weinhaus and the refrigerated truck from Jürgen Hodapp.
Due to the great success for the good cause, the organizer Tile Falk and the Hagen Dance School are already thinking about the next charity event.

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